Lavender Uses

Lavender Uses

fresh lavender in a basket
One of the top questions I hear when I’m at the farmers market is, “How can I use lavender?” So often my customers simply buy the bundles for a fresh lavender floral display then toss the stems once they’re dried! What a shame when you consider how many ways you can use lavender in your home. Over the years I’ve been collecting hints and tips for using lavender to help my customers make the most of their fresh lavender bundles throughout the year. So here for you, I present:

Five Wonderful Things You Can Do With Lavender
Without Sewing, Gluing, Nailing or Painting!

Sweet Lavender Tisane
“Tisane” is a tea made from dried fruit, flowers, and/or berries. Be sure to use culinary lavender for this recipe. Place 3 tablespoons of fresh lavender flowers in a teapot (1½ T if using dried). Add 2 cups of boiling water. Allow the flowers to steep for 3 or 4 minutes, strain and serve with a slice of lemon and honey.

Mosquito Repellent
Lavender straw is the leftover stalks and branches from processing the dried buds. It’s quite useful as a fragrant and effective insect repellent. Toss a handful of the straw onto the barbecue or picnic fire. It will repel flies and mosquitoes!

Lavender Sugar
Process 1 cup sugar and 2 tablespoons lavender in a blender just until the flowers are crushed. (Be sure to use only culinary lavender.) Sieve out large pieces and store sugar in a glass jar at least one week before using. Sweeten a cup of tea for a fragrant break from your busy day. This sugar will keep for about three months.

Lavender Hair Rinse
Lavender makes a good hair rinse especially for gray hair. Steep a handful of fresh or dried lavender flowers in a pint of boiling water. When it cools, strain it and use as a final rinse water after shampooing.

Lavender’s on the Loose!
When you change your vacuum cleaner bag, sprinkle 2 tablespoons of dried lavender buds on the floor. Vacuum them up and you will gently freshen the room each time you vacuum.

PLEASE NOTE: We can’t know just what kinds of physical reactions or allergies some individuals might have to substances discussed in this brochure. For this reason, please use caution. Labyrinth Hill cannot assume responsibility for the effects of using the ingredients as described.

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