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Susan Harrington, Chief Education Officer

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So there I was with the corner of my backyard overgrown with Scotch Broom and blackberries and looking for a way for my landscape to bring in some extra income. I had 20+ years experience managing small businesses…none of them my own…and no experience growing anything more than a potted mum on the back deck!

I started growing lavender in 2002. My first plant died! I read books. I took classes. I did research on the Internet. I planted more plants. They thrived!

Eight years later I take a call from a USDA agricultural census representative. In fact the gentleman called twice just to be sure that he heard me correctly when I told him what I earned from growing lavender on less than half an acre!

In this course, I’ll share with you everything you need to know to grow lavender for fun and profit in your own backyard! This class is designed especially for what I like to call backyard or small-scale farming. If you want to see some sales projections based on my personal experience…be sure to read on…

Hope to “see” you in class!

With grins, (I’m sure it’s the lavender)

Susan, the Chief Education Officer
Susan L. Harrington, CEO
(Chief Education Officer)

P.S. After teaching more than 500 students in the US and 11 countries around the world, I discovered many students didn’t need the personal, one-on-one attention I offered with the course so you now have two options. It’s still the same class that earned me a 99% top rating as an instructor on anonymous Course Evaluations. One option simply includes additional one-on-one coaching.


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for growing, using and marketing lavender

Student Profile
Dick grows lavender in his front yardDick considered growing lavender rather than mowing the grass. He followed the guidelines in the class to grow and care for 180 lavender plants. After seeing his first lavender harvest, the floral department of our local grocery store told him they would take all the bundles he had. He SOLD OUT! For four years Dick continued growing lavender for profit. He was 83 when he started!

You, too, will be successfully growing lavender after taking this class! We’ve just launched an updated course that is completely self-paced; each week’s lesson is now available on demand.


Here’s what Doug Bergstrom of Wenatchee, WA
said about the class:

“Absolutely wonderful, complete & comprehensive – you will learn incredible and exciting insights into the cultivation of lavender as a hobby or as a profession. Susan gives us a fantastic learning adventure that opens doors that you may-well have not known were there – you will enter a room filled with doors that will create opportunities for the personal and/or professional cultivation of the what I call the flower of the gods. To any and all …… take the class!”

You don’t need to travel to France to enjoy fragrant lavender. Growing this ancient herb of love and devotion can be fun and profitable, even in your own backyard. From aromatherapy to culinary delights, from medicinal treatments to housekeeping tips, the versatility of this herb is unrivaled. Discussion includes plants to propagation, soil to sachets and tips on how to start your own lavender-growing business.

How profitable can it be growing lavender plants? Would you like to take a peek at our actual shipping record for the 2011 fresh lavender season?

Here’s the file:
2011 Fresh Lavender Shipments


What are other students saying about this
informative online class on growing lavender?

Thanks again for a wonderful class… It lived up to all of my expectations. Can’t say the same for an afternoon class I just took at the Chicago Botanic Gardens on ESPALIER BASICS. It put me to sleep. I’m off to France in April and hope to plant lots and lots of lavender plants to replace all of the weeds. ~Karen

Can’t tell you enough how valuable your online course continues to be for me. Keep my notebook handy for referral. The Munstead & Hidcote are blooming nicely in spite of our weather here in Stillwater MN where it has been extremely dry. Loved getting your latest newsletter. Sincerely, Carol P.

If you’re not sure you have enough room for growing lavender,
check out these projections based on discussions in Lessons 2, 4, and 6:

Backyard Growing Projections

Student Profile
Tiffany inspects the first crop developingTiffany took the class because she wanted a project that would not only be fun for the whole family, it would contribute to her children’s college fund.

She used a very simple project in Lesson 5 on Pruning and Propagation to teach the grade schoolers about growing lavender from cuttings. Now Tiffany will have more lavender plants without spending a dime!

They started with less than 200 plants. If you have more space, review the projections in this file for small acreage farms:

Small Acreage Farm Projections

Participant Learning Objectives
Students travel through a year of lavender farming while I┬ádiscuss all they need to know to successfully grow this fragrant herb. Whether it’s for fun or for profit they will be able to create crafts or start a small lavender business — even in their own backyard!

Hints and tips include using standard household items — rather than specialized equipment — to propagate, grow and harvest lavender. Optional assignments include but are not limited to Internet research, soil testing and plant propagation exercises.

All instructions, resources, recipes and more will be provided through e-mail and Web site links to on-demand files.

Course Outcome
Upon successful completion of the class students will be able to:

  • Transform a corner of their yard or small farm into a hobby that pays for itself
  • Test their soil to determine its texture
  • Estimate the number of plants needed to turn a hobby into a small business
  • Select varieties of lavender for their specific characteristics
  • Reproduce lavender plants to increase their inventory

Instructor Bio
After more than 20 years of business management, Susan Harrington retired to reclaim a backyard overgrown with Scotch broom and blackberries. She planted lavender. Harrington sold fresh bundles of this fragrant perennial at the Kingston Farmers Market, and began educating customers on the many uses of this versatile herb. In the months following her first harvest, sales went from inter-neighborhood to international via the Internet.

More than 200 students have enjoyed her half-day course through local community college continuing education programs and conference workshops. Susan is pleased to offer an expanded online version especially suited for the small acreage farm. Whether you are interested in growing lavender for profit, growing lavender from seed or growing lavender from cuttings, this class is guaranteed to provide practical solutions.

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Coaching options


The 6-unit course includes a comprehensive list of resources to help ensure your success.

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You have a money-back guarantee. You have an entire week to review the first lesson. If you don’t want to continue, just let us know and we’ll refund the entire registration fee, no questions asked!

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